Monday, 4 June 2012

Am I a bitch?

It's been ages since I last updated this, because I've not been doing much dating-wise recently. But then I went to a wedding, and thought I needed to get a move on with having one of those myself! So I'm back in the game again.

Anyway, I was chatting to this chap. Online, obviously. He seemed pretty nice, intelligent and interesting. He was new to the site, however, and hadn't yet put up a photo. So I asked to see what he looks like. Um. The result wasn't good. Um. So now what? Surely whatever happens, he's gonna know I'm no longer interested purely because he showed me his photo. Am I a bitch for not replying to his last message? Am I giving him a complex about how he looks? Is he now never going to find love due to spending his whole life with a paper bag on his head?

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