Thursday, 11 April 2013

So much effort! But worth it...

Fourth date was at my place. Lovely. Yay! Except...

His place was pristine and amazing and wonderful and the tidiest place I've ever been in. My place is... not like that. So the day before the date was spent stressing and tidying and cleaning and stressing some more. I didn't want his first impression of my place to be that it was a complete tip! So I managed to get it into a state that was only slightly like a tip before he came round. And it all went rather well, so I guess he didn't mind that I have stuff ALL OVER THE PLACE compared to him. Phew!

Now we're getting to know each other better I don't think I'll feel the need to stress quite so much when (yes! when!) he comes over again. Although this time I'll log out of my facebook so I don't need to spend half my time trying to stop him from changing my status to something wildly inappropriate.

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