Friday, 14 June 2013

Which Dating Site?

Last night I took the plunge and joined a new dating site. Time to get back in the game! It's actually really good fun, and I'm enjoying looking through all the profiles and sending messages. No replies yet, but it's early days!

I suppose I'm in a good position to review some dating sites now. Last time around I was using Match Affinity and, obviously, it worked pretty well. However, I found that a lot of people on there were... odd. It sounds quite snobby, but I didn't feel that a lot of the people on that site were quite what I was looking for. I also only had three dates in one year, however I'm willing to admit that it may have been my fault for not being proactive enough. I tended to sit around and wait for people to message me, and when I did message people it was mostly using the generic suggested messages that the site provided. I didn't get a very good hit rate with this technique. However, I did appreciate the HUGE questionnaire you had to fill in, as it gave you a really good idea of what each person was like before you messaged them. Even after I'd started dating my ex, I went back and had a look at his profile a couple of times to check whether there was anything in his responses to the questions that might be a deal-breaker.

This time around I'm using Guardian Soulmates. This has been recommended by a friend who is currently in a successful relationship with someone she met on there. It's more expensive than Match Affinity, but it seems to attract a different sort of person, which suits me. I've heard it described as the Waitrose of dating sites, which I think fits it quite well! It doesn't ask quite so many questions, but people's profiles seem to be much longer and more detailed, so that's good. I've also changed my technique to being more proactive and more personal in my messages, so we'll see how it goes!

Wish me luck!

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