Thursday, 19 September 2013

Long time no see!

Hello! People (well, one person) have said I should write another blog post as I haven't updated this thing for a while. So here it is.

Most of the reason I haven't updated for ages is that I went on holiday and then my interwebs broke. However, I am now not on holiday any more (boo) but I have interwebs (yay). So I can indeed blog again.

Since I last wrote I have had three dates with a lovely chap. He's very funny and I really enjoy being around him. However. Zero flirting yet. No kissing, no touching, no hand holding, no nothing. Part of the reason for that might have been I was ill for our last date and quite possibly the thought of snogging my snotty face was a bit of a turn-off. Understandable, that. However, I'm going to see him again so we'll see how things go. Going to try to be less snotty next time.

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