Thursday, 14 February 2013


I had a date! And it went really well! Hurrah!

We ate some food and drank some (non alcoholic) cocktails and talked and talked and talked. It's weird, because we seem to have nothing in common at all, and yet there wasn't a single awkward silence.

When we parted at the end of the date, he said he'd call. So I waited AN ENTIRE DAY and no phone call. Now, being unused to dating, I don't know what the rules are. If someone says they'll call, how soon do they mean? So, on the second evening after the date I took the plunge and sent him a message saying I'd like to see him again. And then spent a nervous two hours watching my phone. And then he replied! Hurrah! And he said he'd like to see me again too! Double hurrah!

So, I might be about to achieve my new year's resolution of finding 'Mr Second Date' (Mr Right seemed like a step too far...) and it's only February. Things are looking good!

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