Saturday, 2 March 2013

Second Date! Second Date!

I went on a second date! Yay! Take THAT, New Year's Resolution!

So, yes. Second date. We went for some food, and saw a film. And it was really lovely. Lots more chatting, finding out more about each other, and liking what we found out. No real flirting to speak of, mind you. But then I'm rubbish at flirting, so I was never going to start down that road until he does. I did get a kiss on the cheek at the end of the evening though!

He's going away for a few weeks now, but he said he'll text me while he's away, so it's looking good for a third date.

In other news, it's weird how many people tell you they're online dating once you tell them you are. It's like everyone has this secret, and they think they're the only one, but once one person opens up it turns out everyone's in the same boat.

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