Sunday, 21 July 2013

Crazy Times

As of Friday, I had two dates set up for the weekend. One Saturday night (last night), and one tonight. I wasn't particularly looking forward to either - in both cases I'd really only said yes because I had no other plans, and I was working on the basis that any date was better than no date.

And then on Saturday a new guy popped up in my matches. He seemed like a near-perfect match for me. We had very similar interests and I was much more excited about him than most people on the dating site. We sent a few messages back and forth, and then he asked what my plans for that evening were. I told him about the date I really wasn't looking forward to, and he told me I should tell that guy I couldn't make it and go out with him instead. So... I did. I felt pretty guilty about standing the other guy up, especially as he didn't reply to my message so I couldn't be sure that he got it. But it was definitely worth it.

We did get on really well. Had a lovely time drinking pints by the river. I didn't fancy him at first, but he grew on me as the evening went on. And then there was a bit of kissing. Well. Quite a lot of kissing, really. And, in fact, he invited me back to his. I didn't go, I think I need to get to know him a bit better before we get up to those sort of shenanigans, and I do have a 'no sex on first date' rule. He was OK with that, which is good, and there was more kissing while he was waiting for his train.

We've made vague plans to see each other again next week, and so I've cancelled the date I wasn't too keen about tonight. Obviously I've only met this guy once, so I've got no idea whether it will turn into something or not, but I don't think there's much point in going on a date with someone else the day after such a great date. I think I'll just be comparing, and that wouldn't be fair.

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