Monday, 15 July 2013


I think Sunday is best summed up via the medium of texts sent to a friend of mine:

"I might be in the process of setting up another first date!"

"Heading out to meet a guy now, in fact!"

"Oh dear, he's a bit camp..."

So there you have it.

If you're hankering after slightly more detail though, read on:

I messaged a guy on Sunday morning, just to say 'hi', and we sent a few messages back and forth before he said, in what I now realise was probably a joke 'we could have a cheeky drink tonight if you're free?'

I was free, and said so, and so we found ourselves heading into town for an impromptu date. It's quite nice doing things this way, actually, as you don't have any build up of nerves or anticipation.

When he arrived at the arranged meeting point, it turned out that he had, by his own admission, come dressed as a pirate. Not the whole shebang with an eye patch and parrot and peg leg, that would have been very weird. Just cut-off jeans and a stripy blue and white top. Very piratey. He reckoned it was all he had that was ironed.

Anyway, despite the pirateness, he was absolutely lovely. Really nice, really sweet, although possibly too nice and sweet. And also a little bit camp. He reminded me of a puppy, a bit. And I don't really want a puppy. He even texted me after the date to apologise for being so nervous. Bless!

So I had a fun evening, in a pub with great company, but I won't be seeing him again. I'm most definitely a fan of last-minute dates though!

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