Sunday, 18 March 2012

So people should choose their username carefully...

Here's the thing. Your username is the first thing I see when I look at your profile or a message from you. So choose it carefully.

For instance, if your username is mriluvu or onefunfellow4u, you're coming on a bit strong right from the start. If your name is mrhandsome then you're obviously up yourself. If your name is misterthriller, then goodness knows what you're thinking. And as for sugarstickie23, well, 'nuff said really.

Seriously, guys, if you want me (or anyone else really) to message you, or reply to your messages, pick a username that actually, honestly, describes you, like SportyGuy or MrBlonde, or use your first name in some way, like danlondon or northernharry. Try to be funny in your username and it'll probably backfire. Unless you pick 'reallycoolusername'... I messaged that one just because of the name...

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