Monday, 19 March 2012

You know I'm under no obligation to reply to you, right?

Over the weekend, three whole people from the dating website messaged me to moan that I hadn't messaged them.

Person one was the hobbit mentioned previously in this blog.

Person two first showed me his photo and asked to see mine. I had a glance at his profile and quite liked his piccy, so showed him my photo. He then sent me a lovely long message, and I was about to reply when I saw he lived miles and miles away and was a veggie. I live in my house and am not a veggie. This was clearly never going to work. So I didn't reply. Then I get a message from him, saying that he can see I'm online and that I've read his message, and asking why I haven't replied. Stalker, much? So I replied telling him that a veggie that lives far far away is not what I'm looking for, and he thanked me for having the decency to reply to that message at least.

Urm... hang on. This is a dating website where people message people all the time. I'm under no obligation to reply to you if I don't like what I see, if I change my mind about you, if I'm not in the mood, or if I just can't be bothered. I've sent people messages that haven't been replied to before, and when you don't get a reply you just think 'Meh, well, he's obviously found someone he prefers, or he's gone off me, either way it's fine'. Sending moany needy messages asking why the object of your stalking hasn't replied isn't the way to find true love, I reckon.

And then there's person three. We'd sent each other a couple of messages, but then I went off him a bit. He said 'You didn't reply to my last message, was it something I said?'. As the answer was, quite honestly, 'Urm... yeah...' I didn't reply.

Ooh! Also! I got a message from someone calling himself handsome. He's not.

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